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Epimed Nerve block needles

Comprehensive Range of Epimed Nerve Block Needles

When it comes to nerve block procedures, having the right tools is crucial. Epimed offers an extensive selection of nerve block needles, each with its unique set of features and advantages. From the Essential Nerve block Needles to the STEALTH™ Nerve Block Needle, Epimed offers the widest range of nerve block needles.


Essential Nerve Block Needles – Quincke Needles

Essential nerve block needle

Designed specifically for single injection nerve blocks, the Epimed Essential Nerve Block Needles with Quincke tip offer exceptional quality at a competitive price.
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Blunt Nerve Block Needles


Experience the innovation of Blunt Nerve Block Needles with options for Coudé® or straight atraumatic distal tips. These needles are engineered to administer medication while minimizing tissue trauma. By reducing the risk of nerve damage and articular uptake, they provide a safer solution.
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Chiba Needles

ChibaChiba needles have a Luer lock connection and a B-bevel needle tip. Chiba needles feature a fitted stylet and cannula hub arrangement; 6.0″ and 8.0″ needles also come with an introducer. Features: Depth Marks, Sharp cutting tips
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BELLA-D® Needle

Bella D Needle

With a patented design that includes an occluded tip and a laser-drilled side opening for directional injections, the BELLA-D® Needle is designed to minimize the chance of unintended intra-arterial and/or intra-neural injections during targeted medication delivery.
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Day Needles

Day Needle

Day Needles are bullet-tip Coudé® needles with a laser-drilled side opening located inside the curve. Day Needles feature a non-cutting, non-coring tip.
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stealth Nerve Block Needle

Presenting the STEALTH™ Nerve Block Needle: Minimized tissue trauma with a diamond point tip, enhanced directability via a Coudé® cannula. Unique winged handle for precise, shallow insertion. Integrated 6-inch microbore tubing prevents movement during injection, ensuring X-ray clarity.
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