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Radiation Safety

Offering Radiation Safety Customizable Gear for Protection Against the Harmful Effects of Scatter Radiation
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Radiation Protection

Engineered with superior performance against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, our lightweight, protective aprons offer comfortable flexibility with a broad range of customization options.

  • .5mm offer 100% attenuation @ 100kvp
  • .35mm offer 97% attenuation @ 100kvp

PB Free™

Lead and Toxin Free
Super Lightweight

PB Standard™

Traditional Lead
Regular Weight


Epimed is proud to introduce our full line of Radiation Protective Aprons. They are made in the USA to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control. We offer three different protective materials. Our unique ULTRAFLEX™ fabric protects health care practitioners from different types of occupational hazards.




Stain Resistant

Ready-To-Go Aprons

  • ULTRAFLEX anti bacterial stain resistant fabric
  • MAGNAGUARD magnetic thyroid collar
  • Ships within 24hrs of order confirmation
  • Choose from 2 styles and 4 colors

The Flex

  • Excellent weight distribution & comfort
  • Two fully adjustable crossing Velcro straps
  • Adjustable elastic inserts in the rear flaps
  • Shoulder pads & thyroid collar included
  • ULTRAFLEX™ fabric and custom prints
  • Choose from 11 colors

Flex Vest and Skirt

  • Elastic back for greater comfort
  • Even weight distribution reduces fatigue
  • Optional elastic insert in skirt
  • Shoulder pads & thyroid collar included
  • Available in ULTRAFLEX™ and custom prints
  • Choose from 11 colors

Apron Color Options

Thyroid Collars, Protective Sleeves, and More.

Apron Tracking System

Barrier Track simplifies management of your radiation protection garments by allowing you to easily view and document the inspection process. Reports can be easily customized and printed or downloaded in Excel and PDF formats. These reports can include inspection histories or even your entire inventory. Utilizing these reports, detailed information can be quickly and neatly organized for routine audits from authoritative bodies. Additionally, they can also help provide a much better understanding of your current inventory status.

Radiation Protection Gloves

Secure Touch® gloves are modeled after orthopedic surgical gloves. They provide superior tactile feedback without compromising attenuation.

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