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Rulo™ RF System

With the Rulo™ Planar RF System, physicians perform directional lesioning while creating a barrier between the target area and other sensitive tissues.
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Directional Pain Management

The Rulo™ boasts a unique design that includes both an RF needle and an RF probe for optimizing physician control using a planar RF lesioning device.

Directional Lesioning

The Rulo™ has an innovative RF cannula design for optimizing RF pain management procedures.

RF Insulation

The cannula’s tip has an exposed active RF area on one side, while being insulated for protection on the other.

RF Generator Compatibility

The system is compatible with most leading RF generators on the market.

Directional Lesioning

RED indicates Neurolytic and tissue coagulation zone.
BLUE indicates electrical stimulation range.

Product Comparison

Research imaging captured during RF lesioning of invitro testing:

RF Needle


Rulo™ RF System Features



Lightweight Hub

Curved Hemi Tip

Directional Lesioning Indicator

Integrated Thermocouple

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