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Accura-C RF Needle - Epimed

The Accura-C™ RF Needle, developed by Epimed in partnership with Dr. Stanley Golovac, represents a key innovation in radiofrequency ablation. Its design features circumferential hole patterns and an occluded tip for circular fluid flow, offering a new RF ablation procedure solution: Wet Radiofrequency Ablation. This advancement provides physicians with a more diverse and innovative technique in RF ablation while guaranteeing precision and comfort for patients.

Innovative Design of Accura-C™: Enhancing Lesion Creation

The design of the Accura-C™ RF Needle is central to its functionality. With an occluded tip, the needle allows the solution to flow from the sides in a circular pattern. This feature ensures that the injectate flows circumferentially around the needle rather than directionally from the tip, leading to more effective and controlled lesion creation during radiofrequency treatment.

The Accura-C™ Wet Lesioning Technology

Wet lesioning during RF procedures

What differentiates wet RFA from traditional RFA is the injection of a fluid, usually saline (salt water), into the target area before and during the application of radiofrequency ablation. This fluid helps conduct the heat more effectively and increases the size of the treated area.

Accura-C™, Elevating Electrical, and Thermal Conductivity

The technology behind the Accura-C™ RF Needle significantly influences lesion size during radiofrequency treatment. By doping tissue with conductive fluids like Lidocaine HCL, suggested by Dr. Golovac, the Accura-C™ enhances the electrical conductivity of the tissue. Due to the presence of these fluids in the tissue’s interstitial space, this increase in conductivity is instrumental in forming larger lesions, a critical factor in the success of RF ablation procedures.

Wet Lesioning how to proceed?

These results are based on clinical input and testing by injecting 0.25cc of 2% Lidocane HCL through the Dual Hub of the Accura-C, with intermittent Injections at 0s-25s-60s; 80°C for 90s.

RF Accura-C Cannula: A New Paradigm in Medication Injection

Dual Hub Injection for Increased Precision and Stability

With its innovative extension tubing, the Accura-C needle facilitates the injection of local anesthesia without needing to remove the probe. This revolutionary design prevents needle displacement, reduces procedural time, and enhances efficacy.

How to inject anesthetic with RF Accura-C?

Remove the stylet and insert the probe, then follow the usual stimulation procedure for the RF procedure.
Once the desired location and threshold have been achieved, there is no need to remove the probe; you can deliver local anesthetic directly into the injection tube. The needle movement is minimized using the dual hub of the Accura-C.

Maximizing Efficacy in RFA Procedures with Accura-C RF Needle

The 20-gauge RF Accura-C is ideal for Lumbar, Cervical, and Thoracic Medial Branch Nerve RF Ablation, featuring a 20-gauge Coudé® needle , active tip: 10 mm, length: 10 cm, extension tubing. Compatible with Epimed RF™ probes: Nitinol, Stainless Steel and Disposable Probes.

Patient Benefits from Accura-C Usage

RF Accura-C has the perfect design to achieve large lesions to treat patients with chronic pain. The specific features create a larger lesion, inject anesthetic more efficiently without removing the probe, gain stability, and reduce procedural time.

Accura-C RF Needle: an association of expertise

Epimed is not just creating and manufacturing medical devices but translating needs into innovative designs, as in collaboration with Dr. Stanley Golovac about the unique design of the Accura-C.

“With the Accura-C needle, we are placing the medicine right on target. We are more confident in variability of where nerves actually exist and if the nerve happens to be a little farther than what you have anticipated, you are able to burn it by having that fluid medium in the immediate area.”

Watch all the interviews of Dr. Stanley Golovac discussing the benefits of the design of the Accura-C™ RF needle: click here

Wet ablation RF – Studies

– Comparison of wet radiofrequency ablation with dry radiofrequency ablation and radiofrequency ablation using hypertonic saline preinjection
Read the article: here
-Radio-frequency thermal ablation with NaCl solution injection: effect of electrical conductivity on tissue heating and coagulation-phantom and porcine liver study.
Read the article: here 

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It’s important to note that while Wet RFA is effective for certain conditions, it’s not suitable for all types of pain. The decision to use this technique is based on physician’s clinical decision and various factors, including the type and location of the pain, the patient’s overall health, and previous treatments.



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