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Brevi Series Racz Catheter

Epimed Developed the Racz Catheter, the Gold Standard for Epidural Lysis of Adhesions Procedures.
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Innovative Design

Our BREVI Series spring guide epidural catheters are constructed of a surgical grade stainless steel continuous spring. The uncoated distal tip is flexible, smooth and rounded with coils slightly spread for maximum flexibility and lateral distribution of injectant. All BREVI catheters have enhanced tensile/break strength and restrict longitudinal catheter stretch, while the spring coils make the catheter resistant to kinking and collapsing. The new features include enhanced calibrated depth markings and Racz® Bend Marks for optimal directablity for cervical and lumbar regions.


During the Lysis of Adhesions procedure with the BREVI Racz Catheter, an epidurogram is performed at the desired level to outline the epidural filling defects. This demonstrates fluid dissection of scar formation while outlining decompression of affected nerve roots. The epidurogram will also aid in correct BREVI catheter tip placement.

Site-Specific Racz® Catheters


The XL style catheter tip provides maximum control and stability. Selectable XL tip orientation (i.e. firm or soft) allows similar tip softness as the standard BREVI-KATH® when the stylet is retracted. Specifically designed for situations where there is extensive epidural scarring, adhesions, implants or hardware.


Similar to the Brevi-XL™ but packaged with an additional stylet to offer more options for success during the procedure. The additional stylet that is matched to each specific catheter length is alternately exchanged to provide curve or straight catheter directability. Designed for greater durability and ease in placement. Precise directional control (1:1 torque).


The BREVI-XL™ Pro combines the best of our BREVI-XL™ and BREVISTF™. This double stylete catheter features the largest gauged stylet of the Racz spring catheters along with the versatility of the BREVIXL™’s selective distal end stiffness (i.e. firm or soft). As with other BREVI catheters, the BREVI-XL™ Pro is designed to provide greater durability, ease in placement, and precise directional control (1:1 torque). In addition, these catheters are radiopaque and include the Racz® Bend Marks to better highlight key navigational reference marks.


Heavy duty catheter body and soft tip in a convenient 14” length. Designed for greater durability and ease in placement. Precise directional control (1:1 torque). Epidural or transforaminal infusion.


Derived from the BREVI-XL™ with the largest available stylet for added stiffness. This catheter maintains a round, deflective, atraumatic tip. Precise directional control (1:1 torque). Epidural placement for hard to reach situations.

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